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I am Sasha Mitchell, MA Thesis blog is here to document my journey through my final project of my graphic design studies. If you have any questions about the project please get in touch. For more of my personal study projects, take a look at my study website. For my website advice and tips blog, please visit that here.

Thesis – Introduction to the project – The thesis module is the final module of my Graphic Design Masters degree course. This module will be based on the Double Diamond methodology. It is spread across 2 modules, totalling 24 academic weeks. Continue reading here…

Here is a breakdown of my projects:

  • Phase 1 – Research and Discover
  • Phase 2 – Define, Test and Prepare
  • Phase 3 – Design Development
  • Phase 4 – Deliver

This is my initial week working on my thesis. I will be trying to evaluate my strengths and interests and try to determine what direction I should be looking in to find my thesis question. Looking Backwards – What key projects or themes or areas of research did I enjoy the most out of my studies? What were the most successful and gained the most positive feedback?

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