CyberFit UK

A new website to match the new branding. A professional business that needed an interactive platform to share their services and knowledge to new and existing clients.


Into The Garden Room

A website that needs to reach new clients with strong SEO. This website build was sculptured around beautiful high-resolution imagery and in-depth information of the design and build process of their bespoke garden rooms.


Handyman & Odd Jobs

This client was looking for a website for his offline business. The outcome was a simplistic one-page website that shared his business information with his prospective clients.


Delivered Social

During my time as Head of Web at Delivered Social, I managed client projects from start to finish. I developed sites from basic templates to bespoke platforms specific to the client needs.



I was partnered with a furniture student and given a product they produced for a recent project, we were to work with them as if they were a client and learn as much as we could about the product.



This installation idea was to promote small space growing. I designed and produced a plant pot holder made out of discs. An abstract structure, that creates the idea of natural growth.

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