Case Study - Wild Wanderers - Feature

Wild Wanderers Women

Website design & build for a women's activity group supporting Women's Aid. This community platform allows members to register, be approved, explore and create community events, buy merchandise and share blogs.

Case Study - Boo's Organic - Feature

Boo’s Organic Doggo Treats

Website duplication and rebranding for a sister website for Feed Me Fresh's popular Doggo Treats. The product itself was proving popular and with more flavours coming out the second website works as a great marketing tool.

Case Study - Feed Me Fresh - Feature

Feed Me Fresh

Website design and build creating an online ordering service for customers to pick from a number of dishes and order for a date of their choosing and make payment. All in one smooth transaction.

Case Study - Secret Garden Rooms - Feature

Secret Garden Rooms

Website design and build, alongside logo design, branding and product illustrations for Secret Garden Rooms. A new business in need of a digital presence so they can reach their new prospects.

Case Study Urban Home ImprovementsFeature

Urban Home Improvements

A new website to be used as a marketing tool for their thriving business. This site organised their content and gave their brand a fresh and modern feel. Giving their prospects easy access to brochures for their products.

Case Study Cyberfit

CyberFit UK

A new website to match the new branding. A professional business that needed an interactive platform to share their services and knowledge to new and existing clients.

Case Study Into The Garden Room

Into The Garden Room

A website that needs to reach new clients with strong SEO. This website build was sculptured around beautiful high-resolution imagery and in-depth information of the design and build process of their bespoke garden rooms.


Handyman & Odd Jobs

This client was looking for a website for his offline business. The outcome was a simplistic one-page website that shared his business information with his prospective clients.


Delivered Social

During my time as Head of Web at Delivered Social, I managed client projects from start to finish. I developed sites from basic templates to bespoke platforms specific to the client needs.


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