2.9 min readPublished On: December 8th, 2020Categories: MA, Thesis

Final Take Aways

This project was brilliant to work on as I took my own idea and created my own project from start to finish. From finding a problem, researching and learning about it, to developing a solution and being speculative about how the future of this project could look with the outcome of a mobile application. However, it may have been insightful to collaborate with this project during its development. I believe I will take this further after my course has finished and work alongside charities to make this happen. Teaming up with creatives that could run the courses or working closer with potential users could have aided me in developing a brand that works for the real users.

Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, my research was definitely affected. Although my project is completely virtual and it was the affect it had on peoples schedules and stress. I reached out to a lot of people to have interviews and gain feedback, with many people saying they had a lot on their plate at the moment with the current climate. I found that quick quantitate methods of research worked much better in the fast paced world we now live in. People just didn’t want to dedicate that amount of time to give feedback.

There were a lot of hurdles along the way especially with the outcome of what form BRIGHT would take. I wanted to create a platform that was accessible by as many people as possible. I originally thought a website would be most suitable. Then found creating yet another website and starting a community from scratch may prove difficult. Inspired by a lot of feedback gathered from Facebook groups, I wanted to create BRIGHT via an already real platform. Creating a group on Facebook. With content shared across all the popular social channel’s. This lacked innovation and didn’t successfully answer my question. By creating a mobile application that allows easy access to a new community targeting people with fatigue caused by IBD, with no judgement and with only one focus; encouraging mental wellbeing.

How can Graphic Design be utilised to help improve the lives of individuals suffering from IBD related chronic illness?

I believe I have designed a project that is a successful solution to this question. I have designed a concept that aims to improve the wellbeing of these individuals. Specifically focusing on the most debilitating symptom of the illness which is fatigue, I was able to use Graphic Design as the direct tool to aid the wellbeing of those affected. Using creativity as a tool to inspire, encourage and motivate those that are struggling with their mental health during this time. I also directly answer the question by designing a final outcome of an APP.

I never thought at the beginning of this project that I would be designing a speculative mobile application. I am very proud of what I achieved over the last 6 months for such an important cause that affects so many. This project is something I definitely will continue to work on in the new year. I am running a number of workshops in January which will give me more insight on how this project might grow. I would love to say that in a few years time I could get the app created with users all around the UK and even the world, but this all depends on the feedback I get over the next year as I continue to push the brand.