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Thesis. Phase 1. Week 1.

This is my initial week working on my thesis. I will be trying to evaluate my strengths and interests and try to determine what direction I should be looking in to find my thesis question.

Looking Backwards

What key projects or themes or areas of research did I enjoy the most out of my studies? What were the most successful and gained the most positive feedback?


1. Desk View – A collaboration tool for creatives. (Module 3. Brief 3. Week 12.)

This project was extremely interesting as product design and marketing was not something I thought I would work with. However, for this project, I created a tool (out of something that already exists for a different purpose) and branded it with a new use and sold to an audience that needed a problem-solving. I produced a video that could definitely be improved but worked to sell the tool by explaining what the benefits are. I got great feedback from it and people still ask me about this today. I am also selling this on my websites for a small profit.


2. Business Plan – I set out a plan for ‘Dream Studio’ a collaborative studio between me and an illustrator.

This was a successful project as not only did I enjoy this research and go into detail with ideas because it was something I was passionate about, it received great feedback. Planning my new freelance business, online shop and how I would go about selling and promoting my services could be something I look into. This is also setting me up for life after this course.

3. It’s About Time – A project focused on focus on, London, football and equal sport for women.

This was a product design again, this time based around a campaign and a message that I wanted to portray. I feel my most successful projects are with something that I am passionate about and highly devoted to. I also see my most successful outcomes being video-based, so this is something I should keep in mind.



I have running themes of what topics I steer towards when working on self-led projects. These usually give some of my best work due to me being more passionate about the outcome.

1. Colour theory

2. Mental and physical health

3. Positivity and empathy

My Ideas.

What is my research question?

I have a number of initial ideas that work around my themes that could use similar outcomes from projects that have been successful in the past.

How can colour aid mental health?

  • Colour theory-based project
  • Very vague but can be narrowed down as I research more specifically a colour or a mental condition.
  • This could be compressions of different colours with mental health or even different mental health conditions with colour.

How can graphic design aid mental health?

  • Focusing on shape a pattern
  • A design-led project that could, in turn, involve colour theory

How can colour in your home/in hospitals affect your mental health?

  • How can surrounding yourself with different colours affect your mood in the short and long term
  • Aimed towards people working from home/chronic illness patients who spend most of their time in one space
  • Could also be aimed at hospitals, medical, clinical environments and how can the artwork or decoration in that space affect your mental wellbeing

Who is it aimed at?

There are currently a variety of people that could be my target audience. I am going to list my current options for me to further narrow down.

  • Isolated people
    • Homeworkers
    • Elderly
    • Chronic illness patients
    • Introverts or people with social anxiety
  • Different cultured portray or see colour differently so I may have to narrow down my audience by location or culture. In which case I will use my own so I can research in the first hand. I could look at Europe, UK, England, Surrey, Farnborough. I could even look into how the people on my road see colour. For my project, I want to target the highest volume of people possible, so I am going to stick with the UK.
    • Location = UK
  • I would be aiming at adults, whether thats young or old. This would be in the range of 18 and upwards
    • Age = 18+
  • What challenges do they face?
    • Stress or depression
    • Loneliness
    • Lack of moral or inspiration
    • Mundanity

How might I…?

  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Lift spirits
  • Make people happy
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Inspire creativity


  • The Little Book of Colour: How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Transform Your Life – Karren Haller
  • https://www.popwalls.co.uk/blog/decorating-to-improve-mental-health.html
  • https://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/can-colour-improve-your-mental-health

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