1.3 min readPublished On: November 20th, 2020Categories: MA, Thesis

developing user workflowI have been extremely realistic with this project so far when it comes to the branding, participant research capabilities, web design capabilities (within the timeframe). This is mostly because this is a project that I am going to be continuing with after submission. However, I feel like this has been holding me back quite a bit with how experimental I am being with my outcomes.

So far I have designed my products to be, live workshops (zoom calls), email newsletters, goodie boxes, and a journal. These are all plausible outcome that I can definitely produce in the months or years after the submission of this project. However, why am I not thinking about where this project to go even further into the future and imagining if this project is picked up by investors and I had all the money I needed to do whatever I want, what would I do?

All of my ideas and product outcomes could come together in a well-designed smartphone application. Much more useful than a website, everyone has a phone and it is accessible to most people that I am targeting. This will also encourage more frequent visiting, allowing me to ping notifications. The ideas are endless.

So to start generating this idea I laid out my current user flow and then started working on a mobile app user flow. This allowed me to see how I can bring everything together so well to successfully answer my thesis question.

developing user workflow