2 min readPublished On: August 2nd, 2020Categories: MA, Thesis

My presentation took the format of a video, which not only helped me to summarise my project concisely but get across my ideas easily.

From the panel discussion, the majority of my feedback showed that my project was too loose still and didn’t have a clear focus. Although, I have spent so much time at this point going back and forth over my question. I need to start getting on with it as overtime my question will develop and take different forms.

Here are some of the key points that I received and should focus on refining and clarifying:

What will my project be? A campaign, workshop, or therapy? A conscious-rasing coming out campaign?

My focus for this project is to aid the wellbeing of those who are currently isolated due to their illness. A campaign to raise awareness for IBD is definitely needed and it can be argued that that would help the wellbeing of those suffering from the disease, I want to personally use them as the target audience for this project.

Have you considered that actually practising art/design may be the best way graphic design can help?

I most definitely have. After speaking with Oakleaf, the mental health charity, the conversation of creativity as a tool to aid positive mental wellbeing is commonly used. I could bring the design in this way, encouraging design, or designing a creative outlet to encourage creativity to aid positivity.

I suppose the next steps would be identifying problems, the reasons for those problems and the opportunities that graphic design an offer.

It is. I need to now move forward with this project by asking people to signify when during their illness they are isolated or feel lonely in some way. Discussing symptoms that cause these feels, or could cause those feelings. As someone who suffers from IBD, I have my own experiences and opinions, but everyone is different. I do believe that there is common ground with this illness but I need to signify a specific problem or symptom or experience for me to try and solve and then go from there.

This feedback has allowed me to answer questions I was not previously asking myself. From here I will be starting my interviews which will help narrow down my project further.

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