Website Design

“Sasha designed my website and my logo. I love them both. If you want a new website or amendments to your existing one I highly recommend Sasha. She has an eye for detail, creative and very approachable.”

Narelle Summers, Be Kind To Your Mind

Starting as a Web Designer, I worked my way up to Head of the Web department during my time at Delivered Social. Managing client projects from start to finish. Holding client meetings where I would get a better understanding of the client needs. Designing and building the site using WordPress; using WP Bakery & Avada as my preferred themes, I developed sites from basic templates to bespoke platforms specific to the client needs.

The role also involved heavy time management, managerial and delegation ability. This allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills and keeping the team happy and motivated, while tackling a large workload successfully.

Some examples of website I designed during this time:

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