1.4 min readPublished On: October 11th, 2020Categories: MA, Thesis

As I have now developed my problem and my solution, it’s now time to create a clear concise project. I have already started developing my business plan, but I cannot finalise it until I know exactly how I am going to achieve my solution. So to develop my solution in a clear way I need to create a plan that will allow me to achieve this.

I have 4 weeks left until my final hand in for my business plan, and 10 weeks left until the full studio practice hand in. To achieve these deadlines I will be working on the plan below in this order. I hope that this will allow me the structure and outcomes that I will need to achieve these deadlines.

  • Clearly explain my development on my blog
  • Find references for creativity helping mental wellness
  • Elevator Pitch (to start sending out for feedback and creating connections)
  • Intro/brand deck (developing my business plan into something beautiful that I could potentially use to send out to investors/collaborators)
  • Survey – Create a survey to send out to me interviewees and FB groups to find out what people currently do creatively and what people would like to do…
  • Reach out to the Facebook admin on #IBDSuperheros to see if they would want to collaborate/support this project
  • Build some social frames to start building a brand that people can recognise and start explaining what BRIGHT is via social media
  • Plan monthly themes for the next 12 months and how the project can develop through that time (marketing plan)
  • Design subscription – 
  1. Free email newsletters, 
  2. ‘Pay what you can’ creative sessions (donations to a Kickstarted page), 
  3. Subscription box (fixed price). 
  • Make Kickstarter page
  • Make brand video