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I was partnered with a furniture student and given a product they produced for a recent project, we were to work with them as if they were a client and learn as much as we could about the product.



This installation idea was to promote small space growing. I designed and produced a plant pot holder made out of discs. An abstract structure, that creates the idea of natural growth.

Graphics & website design projects

Are you rebranding or starting up and in need a logo, brand or website? I can work with you to make your visions a reality. Creating brand guidelines for your business or just one or two assets, I can help you with the smallest to the largest of projects.

Take a look at previous graphics and website projects I have worked on to see examples of my services. Are you unsure on where to start or have questions about your next project? Book in your FREE-30 minute consultation here where I can answer any website or design based questions. No obligation. I can also give you a quote if you are interested in my services.

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